Dekoni Audio Ear-pads Review.



Dekoni Audio have not paid or sponsored me for this review.
The views and opinions in this publication are unbiased and my own.

Dylan & Josh at Dekoni Audio kindly sent these samples out and they retail at $49.99 For the Sennheiser HD600 Choice Leather and $59.99 For the HifiMan HE400 Elite Velour.

Review equipment and software used:

MacBook Air running Spotify Premium.
Burson Audio Conductor 3X Performance.
Sennheiser HD600 with Custom Cans balanced cable.
HifiMan HE400 with Custom Cans balanced cable.

Packaging and Accessories:

The Dekoni ear pads come in simple but sturdy boxes.
The boxes have solid magnetic lids that snap into place and stay there.
No accessories are included and the ear pads come with the appropriate fittings already installed.



The Choice Leather pads are made from a luxurious soft and supple synthetic leather.

The Elite Velour are made from a premium feeling velour that is very soft but firm to the touch.

Both pairs have high quality stitching and the materials used are high grade. Both in appearance and texture.



Both sets of ear pads come with the required mounting plates already fitted so that fitting them is a breeze.
The HD600 pads just snap in with a firm careful push.
The HE400 pads are a little fiddly but still snap into place pretty easily once you’ve figured it out. And that’s it, you’re good to go.


I found both the velour and synthetic leather pads extremely comfy.
Both sets are deeper than the stock ear pads so give an extra level of padding and comfort, however didn’t increase the clamping force on either pair of headphones, if anything giving some relief. I wore both pairs for just over 3 hours with my glasses on with each and suffered no discomfort or fatigue. I found the Choice Leather to be particularly comfortable and had no issues with hot sticky ears.


The HE400 Elite Velour pads opened up the soundstage without losing any bass response. Highs are still accurate, however maybe a little dialled back. But we’re talking by a very small hardly noticeable level. Imaging is untouched.

The HD600 Choice Leather pads also opened up the soundstage and help to improve isolation with a good seal.
Bass is still punchy and accurate with added depth. Mids and highs are still crisp and precise. Highs are maybe a touch rolled off, but again only by a nearly noticeable amount.

In general I found both sets of pads tightened up the sound with a more open soundstage. Improving isolation and seal adding more depth of bass without losing any clarity. With just a very slight roll off in the higher frequencies.

Recommendation and summary:

I’ve tried other replacement pads in the past from other brands at around a similar price point.

In my experience I would say that Dekoni Audio have the edge in quality control and use of premium materials.

When I look at comfort, build quality and improvement in sound I believe they are worth their respective price tags.
I also look at the bigger picture here and like the improvements they add to two already fantastic pairs of headphones nudging them higher in my appreciation for them.

I would recommend Dekoni Audio ear pads to anyone who is looking for higher levels of comfort with the added bonus off a slight increase in sound quality.

I would like to thank Dylan and Josh at Dekoni Audio for sending out these review samples and being patient waiting for me to publish this review.

And of course thank you to my readers for taking time out of your day to have a read.
Please, if you like what you see, pass word to your friends.
Stay safe, Take care and see you all again very soon.

All my best. Paul.

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