Meze Audio 11 Neo in Gun Metal.

Thank you very much to Doina Ferent for sending me these in ear monitors to review!

They arrived unscathed & in perfect New condition.

The packaging is nicely done and well presented with the rear being easy and clear to understand.

Unboxing was a pleasure and easy. For someone with OsteoArthritis & FMS you wouldn’t believe how many packages that arrive in my post that are a nightmare to get into.

The Case and Neo 11’s are encased in a nice sturdy foam yet are easy to separate.

Again, Really nicely presented wouldn’t you agree?

Included in the box were a plethora of various Ear buds to try out, which is definitely appreciated, Especially from a budget pair of IEM’s, Not something I come across much at this price point. Or at least not until now.

As for Doina, She has been a star to work with and extremely patient. Customer service is 5 Star!

Now, As for the Neo 11’s themselves? Well the first thing that jumps out at me, Well no, Sorry, The first things that jump out at me are the fact that a pair of iem’s at this price are so well packed, Come with a nice tough carry case, Plenty of ear buds to chose from and build quality that oozes high end craftsmanship and a really good design philosophy. They are really easy on the eyes, with subtle curves, Logo’s and so on that aren’t in your face yet look wonderful! The Gun Metal Grey is a great match against any of my Space Grey iDevices and watch which is a nice touch.

They are light weight and fit in my ears with comfort and don’t fall out at any time, Which is a nice change from the norm for me. Usually I can only wear iem’s with cables that fit over the ear. Something to do with the shape of my oddball ears lol!

Anyway, Let’s get down to the meat and potatoes as it were of this review….

How do they perform?

For a £50 pair of in ears I wasn’t expecting trash, Yet I wasn’t expecting a mind blowing experience either.

Yet they came close, Very close.

Bass is tight and controlled, Not too forward, Not too laid back, Just right for me in all honesty.

The highs are crisp and clear yet, They lose a little sparkle on faster paced songs.

I found these best suited to classical and jazz music. They really come into their own with excellent separation of instruments and present with a healthy helping of accuracy.

the only gripe I had with these out of the box was a slightly recessed high end and a ever so slightly over forward midrange.

However, Once I found the right ear buds for me ( Memory Foam Comply Tips ) and tweaked the EQ a smidge, I soon corrected these little foibles, Which in fairness, Are more of a personal taste than anything to do with the makers.

What I also found made a vast difference was switching from my iPhone 7 plus to my iBasso DX80. Switching sources made quite a difference and the Neo 11’s pair beautifully with the DX80.

Where some in ears tend to get uncomfortable to wear after an hour or so, These do not and I went for two hours very easily with no irritation, soreness or fatigue.

So would I spend £50 on these? Would I recommend them?
Yes. I’m not sure they would be my first choice out of the box, However, It would be hard to find an iem that was as well featured with as generous a package of accessories as the Neo11. So yes I would. They certainly would make an amazing gift to a loved one or maybe a child for their first pair of quality in ears without breaking the bank! So yes I would happily recommend them.

Thanks again to Doina for sending these out to me to review, they are now on rotation with my old IE80’s and rapidly replacing them.
I hope to work with you again in the near future!

Until next time, Paul Out.

isoACOUSTICS Orea Indigo Isolation Pucks.

Thank you to Matt Esau for supplying me with these feet to review.


The packaging these feet come in is superb. There is really nothing more I can say about it. The feet are individually enveloped in a hard protective plastic which is housed inside a decent quality box.
As you can see in the above image they came as a set of four along with some speaker stands which will be in a different review.

So my intention was to use the feet under a isolation platform I made myself for now at least. The platform itself being used to give my SL1210 M3D something to sit on whilst hopefully damping down some resonance.

The rubber on the feet is a good one and once everything is in place, there is no loss of friction. The whole setup stays put.

In addition they look damn sexy! Making the setup look complete and easy on the eyes. Combined with the Silvernote Tonearm’s shiny bits it really does look quite lovely!

Now let’s get down to the most important part…

Do they make any audible difference to sound, And do they make any difference in performance?

So as far as performance goes, I’m happy to say that the feet absorb any external vibration very well. Where I have the turntable sat it is a touch susceptible to movement, ie my wife or son walking past or me getting in or out of my computer chair.
With the feet and plinth in place this has pretty much been eliminated.
So that’s some points scored in that department.

But do they make any difference to sound Paul?

Yes I think they certainly do. It’s not a huge difference, But it’s an audible one and one I gladly welcome. Since using the feet, I’ve noticed bass tightening up and the overall presentation sounding more controlled but not in a clinical or unforgiving way. This in combination with the tonearm & cartridge upgrade ( Cart not in pictures ) has taken my 1210 to another level.
I won’t go into that too much here but it is a valid part of the review considering the feet here are an integral part of my upgrade path I am taking for the 1210.

Do I think they are worth their £60 – £70 ( Individual ) price tag? Debatable. Personally I found it hard to part with that much for each puck. Maybe if they were that price per pair? It may have been a lesser pill to swallow.

However, Would I recommend them considering the target group of consumers? Yes. If you’re willing to fork out the price they ask, I do believe you’ll be happy with the performance you receive in turn. Let alone their fine looks!

Thanks for reading and I hope to get the next review up very soon.

isoACOUSTICS Aperta Speaker Or Monitor Desk Stands. ( Black )

Thank you again to Matt Esau for supplying these items for review from isoACOUSTICS.

Like the Orea Indigo pucks, The Aperta stands come in excellent packaging.
They are very well protected and the packaging gives a great deal of info of what is inside.

The first thing I notice about these is the weight! These are not light by any means and this can only be a good thing in my opinion.

They are easy to set up and have the flexibility of allowing angle adjustment.
Just like the Orea Indigo’s the rubber isoACOUSTICS use is spot on and nice and grippy.

They hold my speakers of choice well in place and they don’t budge easily.

they are a nice compact size that allows them to fit on my desk without taking up a ton of space, Yet they are heavy and sturdy enough to take speakers that are quite a bit wider and deeper than they are.

I tested these with my Monitor Audio Bronze BR2’s which are quite sensitive to placement, angle and whatever they are sat on.

The BR2’s have a less than easy to get just right soundstage and the bass they produce can be quite weak yet boomy or wallowy with an audible lack of control. Until you get them set up just right. But even then I still struggle to get the bass to sound how I want it.

These stands tighten up the bass yet somehow allow for a deeper bass at the same time. I don’t quite know how this is achieved, Maybe it’s their closer proximity to something behind them in conjunction with the feet?
Either way, I know that although these are not meant to be desktop speakers and more on the lines of standmount / large bookshelf, They are the best they have sounded yet.

I have no doubt in my mind if I got a larger set of stands to sit on the floor for some bigger speakers that I would be doubly impressed.

I wanted to write a longer review but I feel the review should reflect the product, And I find the product makes it’s point from the start in a sharp and concise manner.

Price is £195 for a pair. This I can get on board with easier than I could the Indigo individual price.

Do I recommend them? Absolutely! They make a fantastic and affordable solution for any desktop Or could quite easily be used as a solution on say a sideboard or some sort of living room or dining room cabinet.

They certainly make quite an audible difference to the sound in a positive way that I was happy enough with them to purchase them.