Eufonika H4 review

Eufonika H4 review

Designed to run high impedence headphones.

Eufonika are based in Poland.

The parcel arrived in decent time and unscathed.
Although I found it odd the amp didn’t come in a branded box, It was well bubble wrapped, as safe and secure as you would want it to be.

The three tubes included were in their individual boxes and thankfully still in one piece.

Looks –


I am first drawn to the H4’s simplicity in it’s design, It’s actually what gives this amplifier it’s sexy looks. What is that old phrase? “Less Is More!”
This amplifier is quite heavy but quite manageable and in all honesty the weight hints at the quality of the build and the materials used. This unit really is put together very well.
Eufonika most certainly are a brand that cares about the quality and cosmetic appeal of what they build here.

Sound –

Simply put…

The H4 is Powerful, Forward & Detailed. It has a fair extended midrange without being overwhelming. The bass is tight but smooth and can drop pretty low without any great effort.
Highs coming through slightly recessed but crisp and very clear.

Overall a powerful yet natural sounding setup with a twist of warmth and a dash of icy crispness.

The H4 can drive ALL of my headphones with great ease including my Original Sennheiser HD400’s ( 600ohm version ) which is part of the reason I originally came across this amplifier.

It is rapidly becoming my favourite “Musical” amp, Taking the top spot from the Jotunheim.
Which really is saying something, as the Jotunheim is quite the DAC/Amp and takes some beating.


I found the H4 works very well with various sources,

One that I found particularly pleasing was my Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player.
Its an older player so not as revealing as say my Jotunheim DAC or The DacMagic by Cambridge Audio, However it has a lovely musical presence and reminds me of systems I would demo back in the 90’s that at the time were at the top of the game.

Not shown in the pictures I also ran my modified 1210 & Keces Audio Phonostage through the amp and it sounded so sublime I can’t quite find the words.
Obviously this is vinyl but I think I am going to lay my cards on the table when I say this is the best I have heard my vinyl collection sound so far!

The Cambridge Audio NP30 Streamer was a joy to run through the H4 and it steps up and gets the job done yet again with higher bitrate files. We tested some random FLAC and WAV’s at this point and it presented a wonderfully natural yet punchy soundstage. With plenty of width.

And finally, I connected my iBasso DX80 & Played my highest resolution DSD files through the system using a high quality QED interconnect cable.
For this I used my Sony MDR SA5000’s as they are very unforgiving and extremely accurate. Usually I’m used to them sounding maybe a touch on the bright side, Yet this setup tamed that high end just enough for the SA5K’s to sound so sublime I ended up going through a third of my Classical DSD files, I was transfixed!


The Tubes –

I will be honest here and state that this is my first tube amp I have owned OR heard.
So I am a Tube virgin.
As such I can’t really make any comments on the effect on sound until I have heard other tubes, Either on this amp or another amp.

I am very pleased and honoured I get to keep this amp as I think I would find it very difficult to let go.

Many thanks to Eufonika for sending me this amplifier to review.
It has been an absolute pleasure & The company are fantastic to deal with online.
The H4 will be a cherished part of my system.

Paul Hoskin, Owner:- The Audiophile Cafe.