Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro True Wireless IEM’s.

In my second review for Soundcore I have a listen to an impressive pair of budget True Wireless IEM’s…

Soundcore have not paid or sponsored me for this review.
This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this publication are my own.
I’d like to thank Lorna & Soundcore for kindly sending these True Wireless IEM’s out to The Audiophile Cafe for review.

They currently retail at £129.99 and you can find them by following this link:

Review equipment and software:
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.
Qobuz Studio Premier.
Spotify Premium.
Soundcore app.
Apple Airpods Pro*. ( For comparison )

* I compare to the Airpods Pro in this review as they are the best all-round true wireless IEM in my opinion with unmatched ANC.

Qobuz Studio Premier.
For all your High Res music needs please take a look at our partner Qobuz and give it a try:

Various playlists and genres on Spotify Premium.


What’s in the box:
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless IEM’s.
Wireless/USB Type C charging case.
Assorted silicone ear tips.

Input 5 V 0.5 A
Rated output power 5 mW @ 1% THD
Battery capacity
55 mA x 2 (earbuds)
500 mA (charging case)
Charging time 2 hours
15-minute charge = 3-hour playtime
(varies by volume level and content)
Up to 7 hours
(Total 26 hours with the charging case)
(with ANC mode turned on)
Up to 6 hours
(Total 21 hours with the charging case)
(with transparency mode turned on)
Up to 6.5 hours
(Total 23 hours with the charging case)
Talk time Up to 4 hours
(Total 14 hours with the charging case)
Driver size 11 mm
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance 16 Ω
Waterproof level
(The waterproof level may reduce
over time as a result of daily use)
(The earbuds are not designed for swimming,
showering, or exposure to pool or ocean
water. Do not use in a sauna or steam room.
The charging case is not waterproof. )
Bluetooth version V 5.0
Bluetooth range 10 m / 33 ft

Battery life:
The batteries performed as expected. These are one of the longer lasting pair of TWS IEM’s I have currently.

Build and finish:
Soundcore, until now were an unknown entity to me in regards to what their quality is like.
Now I have these here I have to say I’m impressed at how good they are at their price.
I love the sliding door, it adds a uniqueness that my other TWS IEM’s don’t have.
The IEM’s stay in the case securely and even with a hard tap on the bottom of the case held upside down, the IEM’s don’t budge!
The wells for the ear tips fit almost every tip I tested. I had a little trouble with the largest of memory foam tips, but I don’t use them anyway so it’s not an issue. For me anyway.
The wireless charging works flawlessly as does the USB Type C.
I was sent the Titanium version and it’s a great colour combination.
The charging case itself has a stone-like finish which is hard wearing and doesn’t scratch easy.
The IEM’s are finished in a matt white and smooth titanium. It works nicely and it’s very easy to clean!
The charging case has three subtle white LED’s on the outside that indicate charge level.
All in all, Soundcore have designed and created a smart and clean looking pair of IEM’s which pack a lot of tech inside.
The finish on both the IEM’s and the case is perfect and fast becoming one of my favoured sets.

Setup, app and use:
Initial pairing with the IEM’s is quick and straight forward.
Be sure to install the Soundcore app as it will enhance your user experience ten fold.
Once you’re all set with the pairing and app, open the app and you will be able to ensure you have a perfect seal/fitment with the ear tips.
Within the app you can now map whatever controls you desire to the touch controls.
And we’re still not done…
You will also find the active noise cancelling controls and EQ.
Both of which are fully customisable.
Then we have HearID. This is an extremely useful function and I’ll let the user manual do the talking:
“HearID maps your personal hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and
analyses the results. It traces the EQ settings and creates a personalised sound
profile for you.”

And this is bang on the money, after setting this up I found it made a huge improvement over what is already a fabulous sounding pair of true wireless IEM’s.
The touch controls work every time.
All of this considered, If the Liberty Air 2 Pro were being scored off this section alone I’d give them a 10/10!
But we’re still not done!
Soundcore have also included a music streaming app within the Soundcore app itself from Lum. It’s pretty basic at this moment in time, but there’s a good varied selection of music to choose from. Once you begin using Lum, a little tab pops up within the Soundcore app which you can tap to quickly return to the Lum streamer.
Of course you aren’t stuck to using just Lum. Use whatever music streaming app you wish.
In my case I use Qobuz or Spotify, but for this review I’m sticking to Qobuz as I do in every other review. So far so good!


I’ll get straight to the point, these are up there in my top three true wireless IEM’s for comfort along side the Grado GT220’s and the Apple Airpods Pro.
Once I found the right fit ( the Soundcore app makes this a lot easier ) the IEM’s stayed in place. As always I conducted the headache inducing “head shake test” and they wouldn’t budge. Which is something I often struggle with when using silicone tips, leading us too the tips…
The silicone tips provided with the Liberty Air 2 Pro are one of the smoothest, comfiest ear tips I’ve worn.
The IEM’s are impressively light weight considering their size, and despite the ( longer than the Airpods Pro ) long stems, they fit perfectly and don’t tip inwards as others have done.
They stay in my ear canal at the same position for however long I wear them.
I wore these for an almost three hour listening session with no discomfort, zero fatigue and as previously mentioned, no inward tipping.
To finish, The Liberty Air 2 Pro are one of the comfiest true wireless IEM’s I have worn up to this point.

Active noise cancelling / Mics:
The Active noise cancelling on the Liberty Air 2 Pro is in a word, phenomenal.
In factory form the Noise cancelling mode is on par with the Airpods Pro. Which many claim have the best ANC on the market.
The transparency mode is strong and unlike others I’ve reviewed has two different modes, “Fully Transparent” or “Vocal Mode”.
When in Vocal Mode the mics and software cut out almost all background noise apart from speech. And it works surprisingly well!
In Fully Transparent mode you can hear all ambient noise and they’re almost as good as the Airpods Pro.
You can, if you wish, turn noise cancelling and transparency modes off and switch to Normal Mode. I tried this and with the correct fitment, they work well in this mode.
I made the obligatory video and voice call tests and my voice came through clear and concise. On my end I was able to hear the person I called clearly with the noise cancelling on, cutting out all ambient background noise.

And here we are, at the final and most important section. How do they sound?
Soundstage is fairly wide with decent depth and headroom, Separation is good, even in busier sections of music.
The low end on the Liberty Air 2 Pro is impressive, providing lots of punch, sweeping low with ease but without losing texture or clarity. I found this particularly enjoyable with Metal and EDM. They deliver the “Club” sound that I love when listening to EDM, something I search for in IEM’s, wired or wireless and often fail to find.
Mids are clear and airy, lending a smooth natural mid range.
High frequencies are handled with a finesse I haven’t yet heard in a sub £300 pair of true wireless IEM. Plenty of sparkle, detail and crispness.

Final thoughts:
The Liberty Air 2 Pro are an exceptional product, from their spotless finish, cool looks, comfort and ease of use to their impressive, feature packed firmware and software, superb active noise cancelling and microphones and long battery life.
They sound lively and precise, matching beautifully with any genre of music I threw at them with authority and clout.
I therefor can’t get my head around their low price!
I absolutely recommend the Liberty Air 2 Pro. Go! Buy a pair now!

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Meze Audio 12 Classics V2 IEM.

Meze are at it again and have sent me yet another IEM to review. Read on my dear readers, read on…

I have not been paid by Meze Audio for this review.
The views in this publication are unbiased and my own.
Alexandra and Meze Audio kindly sent this IEM my way to review.
The 12 Classic V2 IEM retails at €69 at the time of this review.

You can pick one up here:

Review Equipment:
Periodic Audio Rhodium.
Audioquest Dragonfly Black.
Astell & Kern AK70.
iBasso DX80.
Meze Audio 12 Classic V2.

Michael Jackson: Dangerous.
ZZ Top: Audiophile Collection.
Depeche Mode: Violator.
Marantz High-End Audiophile demo SACD. ( FLAC file )
Various playlists on Qobuz Studio Premier.

What’s in the box:
Meze Audio 12 Classic V2.
Carry pouch.
Silicone ear tips.


  • Frequency response: 16Hz – 24KHz
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 101dB (+/- 3db)
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 0.5%
  • Noise attenuation: up to 26dB
  • Titanium coated 8mm mylar driver
  • 3.5mm gold-plated jack plug
  • 6N OFC cable, length: 1.2m
  • No mic & remote

Build and finish:
The 12 Classic V2 are a beautifully made IEM.
The packaging as always is well done and presented nicely.
From the real walnut housings to the copper-anodised aluminium and finished with braided cables, they punch well above their weight, looking and feeling like a more expensive model.
The silicone ear tips included are good quality as always.
Meze Audio include a carry case identical to the one I reviewed that came with the 11 Neo IEM’s and as expected is the same high quality.
This time Meze have left the inline mic out of the equation, which is something I prefer.


The 12 Classic V2 fit comfortably in my ear canals and are light weight so don’t fall out or feel like they could easily be yanked out.
The silicone tips are very smooth and comfy.
Isolation/passive noise cancelling is really good with the correct fit.
I wore these for a 3 and a half our session without feeling any discomfort or fatigue.

Soundstage is more focused than it is wide or spacious. It has depth and separation is precise.
Bass: Full bodied low end with plenty of bounce, but a touch backed off on the lower frequencies.
Mids: The 12 Classic V2’s have a very forward and emphasised airy midrange which lends itself too vocals, and acoustic music.
Highs: Rolled off at the higher end but crisp and detailed with good definition.

Final thoughts:
The 12 Classic V2’s are a great looking IEM without a doubt.
The combination of real walnut and the copper-anodised aluminium is a fabulous pairing.
The finish on them is flawless and a testament to Meze’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.
The sound signature is one I’m not used to, with heightened mids and rolled off higher frequencies with a more mid-bass emphasised lower end.
However this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact I found them to perform particularly well with acoustic and vocals. I found they were best suited to classical, guitar and vocal-centric music.
They are good for EDM and other electronic music, however the bass doesn’t quite have that low end punch that I personally prefer.
For €69 however, I can’t complain. I was surprised at the low price when I looked them up pre-review.
Would I recommend them? Absolutely. Just bear in mind they have a very forward midrange and the low end is more mid-bass centric.

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