Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro True Wireless IEM.

Another Soundcore review! This time we have the Liberty 3 Pro. Let’s see what I think?

Soundcore has not paid or sponsored me for this review.
This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this publication are my own.
I’d like to thank Lorna & Soundcore for kindly sending these True Wireless IEMs out to The Audiophile Cafe for review.

They currently retail at £139.99 and you can find them by following this link:

Review equipment and software:
Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.
iPhone XS Max.
Qobuz Studio Premier.
Apple Music for Android.


Various albums on Apple Music and Qobuz Studio Premier.

What’s in this box:
Liberty 3 Pro Noise Isolating Earbuds.
One charging case.
Ear tips in 4 sizes.
Ear-Wings in 4 sizes.
USB-C charging cable.
Kindly enclosed letter from my contact.

All beautifully presented and in this particular case, a lovely letter and some sweets were included!

Codec TechnologyCodec Technology.
Multipoint Connection.
Golden sound via 10.6mm coaxial dual driver technology (ACAA 2.0) and personalized active noise. cancelling (HearID ANC).
Batterys 8/32 hours.
Charge for 15 minutes, listen for 3 hours.
6 microphones with AI-uplink noise reduction.
HearID personalized sound, 3D surround sound, IPX4 waterproof.
Commute, work from home, business calls, workout.

Build & finish:
As I have expected from Soundcore, the L3 Pro’s are outstanding.
From the packaging to the accessories and on to the IEMs and charger themselves,
everything is well presented and finished to a high standard.
The IEMs stay put when trying to shake them out of the charging case.
They would not budge an mm when putting them through the head-shaking test.
So far, I’m impressed!
The charging case is also built extremely well, looks stylish and premium with a pebble-like design and is a nice fit in the pocket.
All of the accessories included do not escape from being top-notch. They also are designed and manufactured in a luxury finish.

Software & functionality:
Like other high-end Soundcore devices, the L3P benefit from utilizing Soundcore’s companion app, available on both iOS & Android.
An update was required at the time to accommodate the new IEMs and all went smoothly.
The software is intuitive and straightforward to use and offers us a generous amount of settings and tweaks.
The pairing was a breeze on both platforms & remained stable at all times.
Soundcore has developed a fantastic active noise cancelling system that in my mind equals Apple’s AirPods Pro. Take note that up until now, no other ANC system has managed this, not in my opinion anyway.
The settings for the ANC system are abundant but as earlier stated, easy to understand and use

I found the L3Ps to be luxurious and comfortable in my ears.
Wearing them for 2 or more hours was a fab experience with no discomfort or fatigue.
They’re one of those IEMs that disappear once you have them in your ears and the supplied “hooks” ensure that they stay where you want them to at all times.
The ear tips are smooth to the touch and have no burs or rough edges anywhere to be seen.

Seeing as these have been reviewed by numerous professionals in the audio trade in one way or another, I thought I would don my ex-club & EDM DJ & Radio tech hat.
The soundstage is wide and super focused with exceptional separation of instruments and vocals.
Soundcore has managed to create a tonality that is rich yet neutral.
The bass is tight and controlled and hits hard when needed. It also reaches low, yet does so without losing any clarity.
The midrange is sharp and detailed with a smooth and natural foundation.
finally, we have the highs, which are crisp and clinically precise without sounding too bright or harsh in any way.
What we end up with is a detailed yet lively listening experience which works well with any genre of music.
Is the sound quality what I would consider “Audiophile”?
Absolutely. And for the first time since I’ve been working as a reviewer, I would say these are the first pair of True Wireless IEMs with built-in ANC that have managed this.

Final thoughts:
At $174.91 the Liberty 3 Pro’s are an astonishing pair of True Wireless IEMs that boast a full suite of functions in tandem with audiophile-level sound quality. They pull this off while performing way past their price point.
The Audiophile Cafe awards the L3P a 5-star award couldn’t recommend them enough!
Whether you’re a professional, enthusiast or novice you won’t go wrong picking these.

A massive thank you to Lorna and Soundcore for sending these out and for being so very patient with me.
And of course, thank you to all of my readers! Please don’t forget to follow, like, subscribe and share.

Sending you all my warmest regards.


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