Ophidian Mojo 2.

The second pair of speakers I’ve been sent by Ophidian. Could I be any more surprised?

I have not been paid or sponsored by Ophidian for this review.
The views in this publication are unbiased and my own.
A big thank you to Gareth for sending out the Mojo 2 for review.

For more details follow this link on Ophidians website:
They retail at £1,200.

Review equipment & software:
Ophidian Mojo 2.
Hifi Rose RS201e.
Airpulse ST200 stands.
Cyrus ONE.
Musician Audio Pegasus.
Audioengine B1.
Pro-ject Debut Debut EVO.
Technics SL1200 MKII.
Musical Fidelity Vinyl.
iPad Pro.
Qobuz Studio Premier.
Custom Cans cables throughout.

Hi-Res files on Qobuz.
Various albums on vinyl.

What’s in the box:
Ophidian Mojo 2 x2.
Front grills x2.



Frequency response – 52hz to 25khz (-3dB).
Sensitivity – 86dB (2.83v).
Recommended power – 40 to 120 watts.
Impedance – 4 ohms.
Dimensions – 286mm H x 158mm W x 220mm D (including grilles).
Weight – 4.4kg.
Available finishes – Oak or Walnut.
Dual 115mm coated paper midbass with powerful motor systems.
27mm neodymium high frequency unit with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm.
AEROFLEX port system for a precisely controlled bass performance.
Braced and optimised cabinet built in Sheffield, UK.
Detachable magnetic protective grilles.

Build and finish:
This is the second set of speakers from Ophidian that I have had the honour of reviewing.
They are extremely well constructed, using premium materials.
The veneer is flawless and finished beautifully.
Drivers are mounted just right and the proportions look really pleasing to the eye.
They are heavier than they appear and will sit quite comfortably and securely on speaker stands.

Unlike the Minimo 2 I found the Mojo 2 more forgiving when it came to positioning.
I was able to have them at a far less aggressive angle.
For the majority of the review I had them set up on my shelving in my office, which I know is going to ruffle some feathers with some of my readers.
However, I found, even when up on my shelving, they still sounded fabulous and lost none of their punch or definition.
Not an ideal listening position I admit, but this is what I currently have to work with in this space.
I did also have them set up in my main system in the living room on speaker stands.

Soundstage is spacious and has a lot of depth.
Separation is on point with the Mojo 2’s creating a really nice 3D image, making the speakers essentially “disappear” within the listening space.

Mid bass and lows are most impressive, carrying a lot of heft, with texture and great definition. No need for a sub with these speakers!
Mids are forward and natural. Very smooth with vocals and acoustic pieces.
Highs shine with crystal clear clarity, speed and ultra sharp detail.

Final thoughts:
For £1,200 you’re getting a lot of speaker in a compact package.
They’re ideal as a nearfield monitor, bookshelf speaker and placed in a larger room in a larger system.
They’re easy to drive and have a very full bodied, lively personality which matches a varied style of music.
The Mojo 2 impressed me so much, they’re in my top 5 selection of potential candidates for my permanent office system!

As always, I’d like to send a massive thank you to all of my readers, contributors and sponsors.
All of you make what do worthwhile!

Please do like, share, follow and subscribe. Every little helps 🙂

Best wishes.

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