Big Fudge Vinyl Inner Record Sleeves

Continuing with this series of reviews, Big Fudge Vinyl’s inner record sleeves are up next…

Big Fudge Vinyl have not paid or sponsored me for this review.
This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this piece are my own.
I’d like to thank Christian at Big Fudge Vinyl for kindly sending this package out to The Audiophile Cafe.

The Big Fudge Vinyl inner sleeves currently retail at $16.50 for a pack of 50.
You can find this and other products on their website here:-

What’s in the box:
50x Big Fudge Vinyl 12″ paper inner sleeves.

Build and finish:
This will be another short review as there’s only so much one can say about paper sleeves.
They are well made and some thought has gone into their design.
The exterior seams and rounded corners make insertion into the record cover easy with no frustrating folds, creases or catch-ups.
So far I have noticed no dust or flakes from the paper as I have heard can happen with some paper sleeves. I’m experiencing zero static which is of course what we want. Static is the enemy!

Acid and alkaline free paper.
Bright white, heavyweight paper. 20Ibs.
Exterior seams.
Rounded corners.

Thoughts and summery:
Perfect replacement inner sleeves to ensure the continued protection and care of your precious vinyl.
At $16.50 for 50 sleeves, it’s another bargain and great investment from Big Fudge Vinyl.
Big Fudge Vinyl also stock packs of 100 and have various sizes of inner sleeve for your every vinyl need.

Thanks to all my readers.
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Many thanks. Paul.

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