HIFIMAN Deva Wired.

Hot on the heels of the HE400i 2020, I get a look at the wired version of HIFIMANs Deva headphones.

HIFIMAN have been very kind and sent these my way for review.
I have not been paid or sponsored for this review.
These are my own unbiased views.

The HIFIMAN Deva Wired retail at $219 at the time of this review.

You can find the Deva Wired here:

Review Equipment:
HIFIMAN Deva Wired.
Astell & Kern AK70.
iPad Pro running Qobuz Studio Premier.
Audioengine B1 bluetooth receiver and DAC.
Cambridge Audio DACMagic-100 USB DAC.
Eufonica H5 tube headphone amplifier.

Various FLAC files on the AK70.
And the following playlists on Qobuz.

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What’s in the box:
1x HIFIMAN Deva.
1x 3.5mm headphone cable.
1x 1/4″ adaptor.

Frequency Response : 20-20kHz
Impedance : 18Ω
Sensitivity : 93.5dB
Weight : 360g
Socket : TRRS 3.5mm

Build and finish:
The HIFIMAN Deva are a good looking headphone with a fantastic finish that oozes premium craftsmanship.
They use the same headband design as the HE400i 2020 that I previously reviewed.
I like this new design, It’s comfy, robust and has less moving parts.
The ear pads are sumptuous and look amazing.
I really like the silver and tan aesthetic. They look and feel like something from a higher price range.
A single balanced headphone jack is used in combination with a 3.5mm stereo headphone cable which can easily be swapped out for a balanced cable or the bluetooth adaptor that is made specifically for this headset.
The cable that comes with the Deva is a thick robust rubber sleeved affair with a good quality jack on either end.
HIFIMAN knocked it out of the ballpark with the Deva. A very well made headphone indeed.
The Deva pictured below is the wireless version. The black unit you see is the bluetooth adaptor.

The HIFIMAN Deva Wired are an extremely comfy pair of headphones.
The ear pads are really soft and luxurious on your ears. The headband is the same and sits nice and softly on your head.
I wore these for a four hour session with zero discomfort or fatigue.

Fast paced, accurate planar magnetics with good dynamic range and a spacious sound stage.
Low frequencies are tight and have good presence if a little lacking in the lower end. It’s there but in a subtle manner but well defined.
Midrange is flat and neutral. Lots of detail and air but not too forward.
The highs are fast, crisp and precise.
Live performances shine through with lots of depth and superb imaging.
Classical and Jazz are a delight to listen to on the Deva. Vocals come through with an organic neutrality that make these a very soothing listen.
I’d say they are forgiving and almost a good all rounder. Although I found EDM and heavy rock/metal a touch unsuited to the Deva. Everything else they managed with ease.
Switching to the Eufonica tube amplifier I found the Deva sounded a lot warmer in the lower end, with a smoother midrange and softer highs.
The AK70 had no problems powering these from its single ended headphone out. At 18ohms that’s going to be obvious anyway.
$219 is a really good price and friendly on your wallet.
They’re a truly classy pair of planar magnetics that sound as good as they look.
Who would I recommend them to? Anyone wanting to get into planar magnetics at a low price point. Someone who’s looking for a planar magnetic with flexibility in connection options. Or even if you want to add something a little different to an existing headphone collection.
It’s going to be a struggle to send these back. I’ve grown quite fond of them.

Thank you as always to my brilliant little group of readers!
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