Big Fudge 4-in-1 Vinyl Cleaning Kit.

As I listen to more vinyl as part of my audiophile journey and also as a reviewer I am beginning to explore what’s out there in the cleaning product market.
Let’s begin with a very affordable kit and see if it’s worth it…

Big Fudge Vinyl have not paid or sponsored me for this review.
This is an unbiased review of an item I purchased myself.
The views and opinions in this piece are my own.

The Big Fudge Vinyl Cleaning Kit currently retails at $22.95.
You can find it and other products on their website here:

Review Equipment:
Technics SL1200 MKII turntable.
Ortofon Quintet Red MC cartridge.
Various records.
Big Fudge Vinyl Cleaning Kit.

What’s in the box:
1x 50ml alcohol-free cleaning spray.
1x antistatic velvet brush.
1x all purpose brush.
1x stylus brush.
1x carry pouch.

Build and finish:
Big Fudge Vinyl have made a good quality product here with a great finish.
The velvet brush has been finished and engraved really well.
The rest of the kit is pretty simple but again very well made.
The pouch is a nice touch allowing me to keep the kit all in one place.

Ease of use:
The kit is quite straight forward to use and Big Fudge Vinyl have an instructional video on the product webpage that shows very clearly how to use the kit.

Summary and conclusion:
I’ve been using this kit now for a few months and it’s made a great addition to my “box of audio tools”
It does a fantastic job of cleaning records and the stylus and you can hear the difference.
I wouldn’t use it for a deep clean, that’s what Big Fudge Vinyls other kit is for but we’ll get into that in another review that is coming up.
I would recommend this to be used when you’re pulling a few records out to play which need a little touch up. The stylus brush is very soft and works well, removing any light build up of dust on the stylus.
I also try to use this kit when I am putting my “rotation” stack of records back into storage, giving them a little pre-storage clean.
For $22.95 you really can’t go wrong, consider it a cheap investment that will pay for itself x number of times over in no time at all.

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