Custom Cans Fully Balanced Cable for Hifiman HE400 Review.

So for a while now I’ve been following “Custom Cans” as a brand.

In a previous life I was a DJ and the different designs Custom Cans were putting on various headphones grabbed my attention. So when I was browsing through their shop I notice they also happened to make cables.

Anyone who knows me, Knows I have a thing for cables.
Aesthetically, Audibly, & Practically.

So I got in contact with Jason and the rest as they say is history.

This Custom Cables HE400 detachable cable in Light Grey/Silver & Teal Is First and foremost striking. The second I opened the parcel I was delighted with the colour Jason chose. If it had been up to me I would never have thought to pair these two shades, Let alone one of them. However, They work, They REALLY do!

The cable itself is a silk wrapped OFC Copper Litz terminated with gold SMC connectors and a black Neutrik 4 pole XLR on the other end.
It is sleeved in paracord and braided with the greatest precision.

I opted for copper as almost ever other headphone I own uses Silver Litz & I want my HE400’s to be a warmer pair for various reasons.

The speed at which Jason got this out was superb considering he had a lot on at the time.
So Kudoz going to him right there.

I’ve had this cable for six weeks now. Plenty of burn in time on the Jotunheim.

Although this is a copper wire so in theory tuning my HE400’s more toward a warmer sound they haven’t lost any of their detail or crispness.

However they have a nice enveloping sound now without losing their sound stage, The bass is more pronounced and up front without wallowing. The HE400’s are still a very exiting and forgiving pair of Planar Magnetics to listen to.

I would like to add here that storing the cable when not in use has been a pleasure. Coil it up as it originally came and it stays there. No Kinks, No tangles.

After switching between this cable and a silver litz that I have, This one wakes them up while sacrificing only a little of that clarity that I usually prefer from my headphones.
Next time, I am very tempted to try out a hybrid wire and see if it wins me over.
For now though I think it’s safe to say this is my preferred cable for the HE400’s.

I am now currently talking with Jason to get some matching pigtails made up, To allow me to use these with different amp setups and in portable mode.

Jason / Custom Cans have been brilliant to deal with from the get go.
I highly recommend them for their excellent build quality, Craftsmanship, Creativity & Customer Care! I also nearly forgot to add, Thanks for the sweets Jason!, I don’t know whether every customer gets them but thank you for the kind addition to the parcel.


After looking through the store I would say these cables are priced competitively but still affordable.

If you go on youtube and look Jason’s channel up here –

You will find some videos on cable care and maintenance. This is a genuine rarity I wish other cable makers would catch on to.

If You are interested in these cables or indeed Jason’s other services or products have a look at his shop here –

And you can also buy his products on eBay here –

Thank you Custom Cans and Jason for giving me this opportunity to review one of their cables.

I hope to have the pleasure to do so again in the future.

Paul Hoskin. The Audiophile Cafe.

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